CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the many powerful chemical compounds found primarily in the flowers and leaves of a hemp which is used to extract the compound from the plant. This is the main and one of the many compounds that is known to help the mind and body in many wonderful ways.

Is CBD Psychoactive? Will I get “high”?

CBD is non-psychoactive which means that this compound will not get you high. The only compound to cause any sort of high is THC, also known as Tetrahydrocannabinol, which has very low concentrations in hemp but very high in a cannabis plant hence people that want to get high consume or smoke marijuana.

If you we’re afraid of taking CBD for this reason then you have nothing to worry about. For hemp to be considered hemp it must not have more than 0.3% THC which is very minimal while in a cannabis plant in contains anywhere from 17% to upwards of 30% THC.

What is Full Spectrum Extract? What is Broad Spectrum Extract?

Full Spectrum Extract

  • Contains up to 0.3% THC per gram of extract
  • Can contain anywhere from 10mg of THC to upwards of 100mg or even higher levels of THC in a bottle of tincture depending on the amount of extract
  • Can, surprisingly, get you a little high

Broad Spectrum Extract

  • Contains Non-Detectable levels of THC or also known as “THC Free”
  • Absolutely no way of feeling any psychoactive “high” feeling
  • THC will not show up on drug tests
  • Is not made with CBD Isolate

When purchasing a Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum CBD product, make sure that the company is reputable in their quality and extraction so you’re assured they are capable of extracting CBD with other cannabinoids and terpenes intact because CBD is much more effective when their are other plant compounds to work together.

What Are The Benefits of CBD and Whole Plant Extracts?

CBD is one of the 80+ cannabinoids found in hemp and is the most popular among people to add into their health routine and diet as you may have probably noticed. CBD has shown to help the mind and body in many ways such as managing stress and anxiety, promoting a restful deep sleep, help soothe and ease the body, promoting overall health and wellness to name a few.

When CBD and the other compounds, including terpenes, are combined together research from scientists has shown these compounds have a better and enhanced effect on the body when they work together, rather than alone. Full and Broad Spectrum extracts are supposed to be whole plant extracts hence the name “Spectrum” essentially means containing other parts of the plant than just CBD.

What is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is a white crystalline powder that is 98-99.9% pure CBD. Other than the popularity of it being very pure, as in it’s the highest quality form of CBD which it isn’t necessarily, it’s also popular due to its versatility and ease of use as an ingredient in formulations of food or cream products.

You should understand that while isolate is versatile, products based on this type of extract are not as effective as an oil containing a full or broad-spectrum cannabinoid profile. The single-cannabinoid profile is less effective due to the lack of cannabinoid and terpene synergies known as the Whole Plant or Entourage Effect.

What Is Entourage Effect of CBD?

Entourage Effect is another way of saying Whole Plant Benefits or Whole Plant Effect. It’s the combining of multiple compounds, mainly terpenes, that work together and enhances the effect of CBD or THC depending on if it’s marijuana or a CBD product. Entourage Effect is a term widely used in the marijuana industry to indicate Whole Plant Effect in a different term. Same meaning just different wording.

Is Colorado Botanicals Marijuana?

No, Colorado Botanicals products are not derived from marijuana. We extract CBD from hemp because although you may extract CBD from marijuana, it contains very small concentrations just like how there are very small concentrations of THC in hemp.

A hemp plant can contain anywhere from 5% to upwards of 21% CBD while in a marijuana plant it contains typically less than 1%. This should explain to you why we extract from hemp and not marijuana.

What is the Difference Between Hemp Oil and Hemp Extract?

There has been a lot of confusion for people between what Hemp Oil is and what Hemp Extract is. When people refer to “hemp oil” they’re actually talking about hemp seed oil and as you could probably tell it’s from the seeds while CBD is derived from the flower and leaves of hemp.

Hemp seed oil is essentially the crushing of hemp seeds and are popular for its fatty and highly processed nature. Hemp seed oil is made by cold-pressing the seeds to make a nutrient rich Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Oil which is a great supplement to incorporate in your diet as well.

Hemp Extract on the other hand refers to the extracted oil from hemp. We use the term “hemp extract” because when we extract CBD, it contains more than just CBD. Our hemp extracts main compound is CBD but there are other cannabinoids and terpenes to give it that Whole Plant Wellness.

Will Colorado Botanicals CBD Show Up On A Drug Test?

As a company that focuses solely on Broad Spectrum products, you can confidently and comfortably use our products without having to worry of any THC showing up on drug tests. Our products are THC-Free and from a scientific point of view it means that they contain non-detectable levels of THC. Although very minor traces may be left behind, it is nothing close to being detected or feeling any sort of psychoactive high. We guarantee you that!


The human body is loaded with these receptors called CB1 & CB2 that were discovered around the 1990s by scientists which came to be known as the Endocannabinoid System. The Endocannabinoid System is a collection of cell receptors and molecules located throughout the body and are responsible for maintaining biochemical and physiological balance. Cannabinoids, such as CBD, influence this balance by interacting with these receptors to regulate homeostasis.

In short, CBD nourishes and enhances these receptors in your body to regulate normal functions for the body to stay balanced in good overall health.

What does it feel like when you take CBD? What to expect.

When taking CBD one must understand that the effects are subtle and not something like when you smoke marijuana or take pain medications to block the pain. Taking CBD varies from person to person, while some people may have very subtle affects others feel a lot more relaxed throughout their whole body. The best way to find your optimal dose to get to that relaxed and feeling well state is to find the correct dose. You can try our Product Finder which is a short quiz or start with our lowest dose and work higher. Make sure to check out our CBD Dosing Guide to learn more about how dosing works or our blog post on the first 30 Days with CBD and what to expect.

Are There Any Side Effects When Taking CBD Oil?

CBD is generally regarded as very safe and has very minimal side effects that usually the worst is feeling drowsiness. When it comes to that we recommend our customers to cut down a little bit to find that optimal dose unless they have a serious illness. Something to note is that adverse reactions may occur when taking CBD with certain medications such as steroids, pain killers, or any medication that gets broken down by the CYP450 Enzyme. To learn more about this and see what most medications interact with CBD read our blog post on What Medications Are Safe To Take With CBD and make sure to consult your doctor prior to taking CBD if you are taking ANY medications.

Does CBD interact with other medications?

Yes, it does. 75% of medications and recreational drugs are broken down by the same enzyme that CBD gets broken down from, the cytochrome P-450 enzyme (or CYP450).

What does that mean? Taking CBD at the same time as other drugs can affect CBD’s and those medications dosage and effect, sometimes enhancing the drugs just like how grapefruit juice would. Read our blog post on What Medications are safe to take with CBD to learn more about this and see if your medication is on the list. Make sure to always consult your doctor before taking CBD if you’re taking other medications.


You can take CBD by topically applying it to your skin, with softgels, patches, smoking, orally with tinctures, or edibles such as gummies. Each has their own unique method that one must choose based of what they like. While some enjoy just taking a softgel because it’s easy and fast, others would prefer a gummies because they enjoy snacking on something that tastes good.

How should I choose which product is right for me?

If you haven’t taken our 30 second Product Finder Quiz we definitely recommend you to give it a try as that would help you out a lot on what product to choose. We always recommend our customers to start with our lowest dose which is the 300mg Hemp Extract as generally lower doses work just as well but people are often sold to buy the higher doses.

Start low and gradually increase your dose to find that optimal dose. Every 3-5 days we recommend you to increase your dose by 5-15mg. Make sure to read our CBD dosing dose called The Best CBD Dosing Guide — More Does Not Mean Better to learn more in depth about this topic.

If you notice that our 300mg is not enough then you should bump it up to our 750mg Hemp Extract which has 25mg of CBD per serving. For our 1,500mg we recommend that to people who have a serious condition as it’s not necessary to consume that much of our CBD for it to take effect on your body, however, there are instances where people do have high tolerance for CBD from the start. It all depends on the person and how their body metabolizes the oil!

Should I take Full Spectrum CBD or Broad Spectrum CBD?

This all comes down to you whether you don’t mind small traces of THC (<0.3%) then you can take Full Spectrum but that doesn’t mean Broad Spectrum CBD will be a bad choice. Both are great choices to choose from. The important part is that you’re buying from a reputable company and that their products are good quality because not all CBD extracts are the same. It comes down to the plant material used, the extraction method, & the company’s purification process.

What can I use CBD isolate for?

One of the main reasons CBD isolate is popular is for its versatility and consistent dosing. CBD isolate can be mixed with oil and alcohol-based solvents which you can find in tinctures but it’s also is popular for the ability to be easily mixed with food products, creams, lotions, etc.

Although we recommend going with a Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum oil since CBD is more effective when working synergically with other plant compounds, CBD isolate is special for its own purposes.