With so many different kinds of CBD products available, it’s natural to try to simplify the situation by selecting a single option that’s ideal in every situation. The truth is that there’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” CBD product — the main reason there are such a wide variety of CBD product types to choose from is that different situations call for different products.

Depending on your needs, you might even want to use multiple types of CBD products simultaneously. First, though, you’ll need to learn the differences between the various CBD products at your disposal and consider the unique benefits of each option.

Overview of CBD Product Types

What types of CBD products are there? Some of the product types we’ll list below are options you’ve probably already heard of. Others, though, may have escaped entirely your notice despite potentially being the best CBD solution for your situation:

What Are CBD Tinctures?

CBD tinctures, also known as CBD oils, are oil-based, orally ingested CBD products that are usually offered in small dropper bottles. Featuring anywhere from 500-5000 mg of CBD per bottle, the droppers that come with CBD tinctures make it easy to control the exact amount of CBD you ingest.

What Are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies consist of CBD-rich hemp extract combined with sweeteners, thickeners, and coloring agents to result in a product type that’s tasty and enjoyable to use. CBD gummies generally contain between 10-50mg of CBD each, and some options consist entirely of organic or natural ingredients, like these CBD gummies.

What Are CBD Topicals?

CBD topicals are lotions, balms, creams, or salves that have been infused with CBD-rich hemp oil. Designed to be applied to the body externally rather than orally ingested, CBD topicals usually contain 200-1000mg of CBD per container.

What Are CBD Capsules?

CBD capsules (also known as CBD soft gels or gel caps) are orally ingested products that are filled with CBD-rich hemp oil. Allowing you to use CBD while avoiding the somewhat strong taste of hemp oil, an average CBD capsule contains around 10-50mg of CBD.

Other Types of CBD Products

So far, we’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to listing all the different types of CBD products that are now available online. Some people choose to inhale CBD in the form of CBD-rich hemp flower or vapes, and others even prefer the benefits of CBD suppositories.

Drinkable CBD products — such as CBD teas — have become considerably more popular in recent years, and certain producers of CBD topicals have branched out into skincare products like facial serums and cosmetics. Now that you have so many different ways to use CBD, it’s practically guaranteed that you’ll find an option that’s perfect for your needs.

Which Type of CBD Product is Best?

Is there one type of CBD product that’s better than all the rest? The simple answer is “no,” but it’s more than likely that you’ll find certain CBD product types to be better for your needs than others. Let’s explore some of the variables that might impact your decision:

Particular Applications

CBD product types vary considerably regarding their ideal applications. It wouldn’t be an effective choice to use a CBD topical if you’re experiencing pain throughout your entire body, but if you only need to experience the benefits of CBD in a few easy-to-reach areas, a topical product could actually be ideal.

Situational Needs

Even if CBD topicals provide the relief you’re searching for better than any other product type, you can’t be expected to disrobe in public every time you want to reapply CBD to the affected area. The same goes for areas of your body that are hard to reach — while a CBD topical might be the ideal choice if you can rely on someone else to help you apply it, you might instead use an orally ingested CBD product if applying topicals yourself proves too cumbersome.

Personal Preference

Some people like tinctures, but others can’t stand the taste. Some CBD users love gummies, but others find them too sweet. Your friend might swear by CBD capsules, but you personally like the potentially enhanced benefits derived from holding a CBD tincture under your tongue before swallowing.

Personal preference is one factor you certainly shouldn’t overlook as you select an ideal CBD product. There’s no reason to be stuck with a type of CBD you don’t like with so many options available.

Benefits of CBD Product Types Compared

Each CBD product has its own unique benefits. Understanding these benefits better will help you choose an ideal product type:

Benefits of CBD Tinctures

Many CBD users find tinctures ideal due to their simple ingredients and faster-acting effects. Some research indicates that allowing a CBD tincture like the Colorado Botanicals 1,500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil to rest under your tongue for around 60 seconds before swallowing might let the CBD it contains pass through the thin mucosal membranes that line the inside of your mouth. If you take CBD in the form of a tincture, you may not have to wait so long to experience the beneficial effects of this non-intoxicating cannabinoid.

Benefits of CBD Gummies

Gummies like the Colorado Botanicals 25mg CBD Gummies are ideal for people who either dislike the taste of CBD oil or need an extra incentive to ingest their daily dose of cannabinoids. While it’s true that CBD gummies contain lots of ingredients that aren’t present in other CBD product types, it’s precisely those sweeteners, thickeners, and flavorings that can transform taking CBD from an arduous chore into an enjoyable experience.

Benefits of CBD Topicals

Topicals can do what other kinds of CBD products cannot — target specific areas of your body without being diluted by the digestive system first. Even though taking CBD by mouth is often an effective way to use this cannabinoid, there’s no denying that the bioavailability of oral CBD is comparatively low.

What’s more, CBD you take orally affects your entire body equally. Topicals like the Colorado Botanicals 500mg Alleviate CBD Gel, on the other hand, deliver CBD with impressive potency exactly where you need to experience the benefits of this cannabinoid the most.

Benefits of CBD Capsules

Taking CBD capsules represents the most straightforward approach to using this cannabinoid, even if capsules lack the enhanced bioavailability of tinctures and the tastiness of gummies. For people who want to take CBD in the same way that they take their daily supplements, capsules such as the Colorado Botanicals 25mg Broad Spectrum CBD Softgels might be the best solution.

Benefits of Other CBD Products

Some unconventional types of CBD products might simply be gimmicky (we’re looking at you, CBD eyeliner). Others, though, may provide additional benefits that aren’t covered by any of the options we’ve listed so far. For instance, CBD tea and other types of CBD-infused drinks benefit from the enhanced bioavailability of water-soluble CBD extract, and some people believe CBD suppositories are even more ideal than CBD capsules for addressing certain conditions.

Additional Factors to Consider

Depending on your circumstances, there may not be any convincing reasons to limit yourself to a single kind of CBD product. People who primarily rely on CBD topicals, for instance, can supplement with oral CBD products like tinctures or gummies for enhanced and longer-lasting effects. Taking the same CBD tincture every day might even become tedious over time, in which case spicing things up with the occasional gummy could be an excellent plan.

Choosing the Best CBD Product: The Bottom Line

While there’s no single type of CBD product that’s better than all the rest, some CBD companies make better products than others. As you select the type — or types — of CBD products that will suit your needs the best, make sure to read customer reviews, check for lab reports, and study the ingredients included in each product you’re considering.

There are already so many options to choose from, but even more types of CBD products are waiting on the horizon. Select a CBD solution that will suit your needs today, and stay tuned to find out what the hemp industry comes up with next.