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500mg Alleviate CBD Gel

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The perfect remedy and solution for fast, targeted relief from sharp aches and soreness that keep you from living normally. Our Alleviate is a top-selling pain cream packed with high concentrations of Broad Spectrum CBD and pain-targeting ingredients such as Arnica, Camphor, Tea Tree Oil, and Natural Menthol.

  • 60-Day Free Returns – Purchase with confidence
  • Broad Spectrum – Contains other essential cannabinoids, terpenes, & flavonoids.
  • Clean & Solvent Free CO2 Extracted
  • Perfect for targeted & localized benefits.
  • Contains Menthol, Arnica, and Tea Tree Oil – Perfect combo with CBD.
  • Highly effective!
  • Manufactured in our Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and ISO 9001 Certified facility.
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Product Overview

Immerse in the fast-acting relief brought by Colorado Botanicals Alleviate Gel. Meticulously formulated, this product zeroes in on discomfort, soreness, and aches, providing prompt and localized alleviation. At its heart is our Broad Spectrum CBD Extract, fortified by a symphony of ingredients, including cooling menthol, soothing arnica, invigorating camphor, and purifying tea tree oil. These elements work synergistically to deliver an impactful soothing effect that sets a new standard for CBD topicals.

Suggested Use

Apply to affected or desired areas on external parts only. This product is NOT to be used for consumption and not to be applied to open wounds or eyes.

Shipping and Returns

We stand by our products 100%, so we offer a 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee so you can purchase confidently. We charge a small fee for orders under $74 and offer free shipping on orders over $74. You may also select priority shipping or overnight shipping for an added cost.


Aqua Isopropyl Alcohol, Menthol, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Camphor, Ethylhexylglycerin, Ilex Paraguariensis, Melaleuca Alternifolia, Essential Oil (Tea Tree Oil), Tocopheryl Acetate, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Arnica, Phenoxyethanol, Broad Spectrum Extract

Perfect For

Ease Soreness, Aches, & Stiffness

Total CBD


Bottle Size/Volume

2 Fl. Oz



Enjoy our products with no high whatsoever. Feel better while keeping a clear mind.

Whole Plant Benefits

Whole Plant Benefits

Maximize wellness by introducing all parts of the plant than just CBD alone.

CO2 Extracted

CO2 Extracted

Clean, pure safe, and completely free of any toxic residue extraction method.



Feel better, get better with naturally derived terpenes intact.

Your Path to Better Health

Your Path to Better Health


Relax and Protect Your Mind

Delays, obligations, money, work, and a pile of other factors make daily life a nerve-wracking firestorm.


Gently Soothe Aching and Stiffness

If your body hurts and moves like a tree trunk, Colorado Botanicals can ease the pain and inflammation that keeps you from living your best life.


Better Rest for a Stronger Self

A better night’s sleep is the gateway to healthier you. Naturally, lack of quality sleep leaves you sluggish and unproductive.

Health and Wellness

A Healthier Mind and Body

Balance is the key to better overall wellness. Colorado Botanicals could help you maintain that delicate middle ground to protect your mental and physical health.

Us vs. Them

The Secret Behind Our Award-Winning CBD Cream

Our Creams

Other Creams

Fast-Acting Pain Cream

Proprietary Blend of Natural Ingredients

Non-Greasy, Non-Sticky, Non-Staining

Paraben-Free, Fragrance-Free, & Phthalate-Free

9+ Minor Cannabinoids (CBG, CBC, CBN, + More)

Third-Party Lab Tested & Verified

60-Day Return Policy

Premium Support with Real People & Not Bots

Unmatched Extraction & Purification

Manufactured by real scientists & chemical engineers using a pharmaceutical approach to extraction & purification.

More than just CBD

People are only aware of Cannabidiol (CBD), but they don’t know the other 113 cannabinoids and 200+ terpenes & flavonoids which share unique health properties like CBD.

How it Works

CBD & other crucial compounds in our hemp extract interact with our Endocannabinoid System, a system in our body that regulates various responses such as memory, pain, mood, sleep, immune function, & more.

Our Difference

Studies found that a combination of cannabinoids & terpenes is much more effective. Together, they increased receptor activity when working synergically with CBD.

Not All Hemp Extracts Are Equal

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of 500mg Alleviate CBD Topical Cream?

Our 500mg Alleviate CBD cream is perfect for aching, cracking joints and tense, tired, sore muscles. Menthol makes the area feel cool and then warm for immediate relief. Packed with many other herbal supplements and essential oils to specifically target related symptoms, Alleviate lives up to its name.

What are some of the best ingredients in this CBD cream?

Other than CBD and the therapeutic benefits it holds, our 500mg CBD Alleviate cream contains several natural ingredients to focus on maximum relief, containing:

  • Menthol: reduces joint and muscle discomfort through a cooling and warming effect 
  • Arnica: helps erase bruises ease inflammation 
  • Tea Tree Oil: fights inflammation, promotes healing, prevents infection, reduces irritation 
  • Camphor: effective at reducing itching and irritation. Also soothes joints and muscles.


How to use this CBD Alleviate cream?

Apply directly to the affected area one to two times per day, six to eight hours apart.

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