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The Sunshine State caters to the retiree and jetsetter lifestyles, both of which are naturally a match for CBD. Is it legal and — more importantly — easy to get high-quality CBD in Florida, though? Learn everything you need to know about buying CBD in Florida, from the cannabinoid’s legality to the best CBD products to buy.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the second-most abundant cannabinoid naturally found in cannabis next to THC. Unlike THC, however, CBD is fully non-intoxicating, leading federal lawmakers to separate hemp-derived CBD products from the illegal drug “marijuana.”

For the most part, states abide by this federal ruling. It’s hard to get in the way of CBD upon recognizing its incredible potential to help individuals from all walks of life. As a diverse state with an upbeat culture, CBD has a natural place in Florida.


CBD and THC are remarkably different despite coming from the same plant. They affect separate parts of the brain, first of all, with CBD completely bypassing the conventional cannabinoid receptors and interacting with the systems most involved with pain, inflammation, and mood instead.

That’s why CBD is non-intoxicating while THC gets you high. Out of the two, CBD shows considerably more potential as a pain reliever, and its full list of researched benefits is pages long. Unaffected by the intoxicating stigma of cannabis, CBD continues to display its incredible power to heal in Florida and around the world.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Florida?

Yes, CBD is legal in Florida. To fully understand the question, “Is CBD legal in Florida?” though, we’ll need to first take a look at relevant federal law and then examine Florida’s particular stance. A simple timeline should get us started:

  • 2014: Federal legislation allows online CBD commerce
  • 2018: Further federal law gives the green light for CBD industrial hemp cultivation in the USA
  • 2019: Florida passes its own law allowing licensed CBD cultivation and commerce

So, federal and state laws converge to make CBD oil fully legal in the state of Florida. Certain restrictions apply to CBD products made and then sold in Florida, but such regulations generally do not apply to out-of-state CBD.

Can You Buy CBD Online if You Live in Florida?

Florida CBD laws do not place any restrictions on CBD commerce that takes place online. Any such laws that were passed would eventually be stricken by the Supreme Court due to conflicts with the Interstate Commerce Clause of the Constitution. Simply put, your right to buy CBD online in Florida is enshrined by the Constitution of the United States of America, a fact which Florida lawmakers reflect their awareness of in the language of their CBD laws.

Is There an Age Limit to Buy CBD in Florida?

Florida state law generally restricts the sale of CBD to individuals who are over 21 years of age, but the law is complicated and rarely enforced. If you are under the age of 21, expect some Florida business owners to prevent you from purchasing certain CBD products if you buy them in person. Most health food stores and other CBD-selling establishments in Florida do not enforce this rule, though, because they understand that you can simply pull out your phone and buy CBD products online with no such restrictions.

Can You Travel with CBD to Florida?

There are no restrictions on traveling with CBD either within the state of Florida or when carrying CBD over its borders. Any restrictions on CBD that may apply in the jurisdiction of your destination, however, should be borne in mind to avoid any unfortunate situations. Most countries outside the United States, for instance, still view CBD as an illegal drug, and even laws in the neighboring state of Alabama are less favorable to CBD than they are in Florida.

How Do You Buy CBD in Florida Legally?

The best way to purchase CBD oil in Florida legally is to buy it online. As has often occurred in other states, Florida regulations meant to ensure the quality and safety of low-THC CBD oil and other CBD products have — rather — pushed CBD customers online, where it’s easier and cheaper to buy good CBD.

CBD oils and other CBD products sold online are not subject to the restrictions of any state aside from the state where they are made. In the case of certifications and other safety measures, these restrictive regulations can be quite beneficial. Florida is an example of a state where regulations have stymied CBD commerce, however, making manufacturers of hemp-derived CBD products with bases of operation in Oregon or California much more competitive.

Sellers of food-based CBD products in Florida, for instance, must acquire a hemp food establishment permit, an added pressure that online companies do not face. Even though CBD is legal in Florida, buying this cannabinoid online from a company based in another state is the best way to take advantage of Florida CBD laws.

What You Should Look for When Buying CBD in Florida

If you intend to buy CBD within the state of Florida, you’re best off choosing a large chain like Whole Foods. Once you arrive, ask someone in the health and beauty section to show you their CBD selection. Look for products that are listed as full-spectrum or broad-spectrum and that have QR codes linking to their third-party lab reports. Watch out for any unnecessary additives in the ingredients list, and prefer brands that have a big national following when you Google them on your phone.

Keep in mind the whole time, however, that your selection may be quite limited due to the restrictive nature of the Florida CBD industry. Salespeople themselves may recommend that you look online for a CBD product that fits your standards of quality and safety.

Future of CBD in Florida

Hemp products in Florida aren’t going anywhere, but Florida CBD laws remain in a state of flux. Legislation is pending, for instance, that will regulate vapes and other “CBD inhalants” the same as other CBD products. For the moment, though, these CBD products remain completely unregulated in Florida.

Over time, the necessity of having a medical marijuana card in Florida is disappearing as cannabinoid products become increasingly available online. You can buy CBD oil without one even if you buy it in person, and there’s certainly no need for such trivialities when buying hemp products on the internet.

If you plan to purchase CBD products in Florida, first recognize that state law doesn’t have to improve to make it easy to acquire the products you desire. Laws regarding CBD product labels and other Florida regulations only apply to those who wish to sell CBD, and CBD has been something people other than medical marijuana patients have been able to buy in Florida for quite some time.

Summary: Buying High-Quality CBD Products in Florida

There was a time in the United States when the hemp plant and hemp extracts were treated just like any other medicinal substances. THC content still makes a difference, but CBD products are now legal in Florida as long as they contain less than 0.3% THC. Producers of CBD products in the Sunshine State must abide by strict rules, but these regulations don’t apply to Florida residents buying CBD products online.

Hemp extract and other consumable CBD items are plentifully available in the internet. Both the selection and the quality of the CBD products available online far outstrips anything you’ll find in a Florida CBD shop. Regardless of Florida’s views on CBD legality and the cannabis plant overall, feel safe buying CBD online as a Florida resident — assuming you take the time necessary to hunt down the best hemp-derived products the internet has to offer.