How much CBN for sleep is enough? If you’re new to the cannabinoid, don’t let this question keep you up at night. Choosing the right dose of CBN is easier than you think, and there’s an ideal dose for every CBN user and use. In this guide, learn what CBN is and discover the tools you’ll need to choose the right CBN dose each and every time.

What Is CBN?

Cannabinol (CBN) is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid naturally found in the cannabis plant. CBN does not appear in high concentrations when cannabis is harvested, but rather, it mainly comes into existence as THC degrades.

Unlike THC, CBN does not have any potently mind-altering properties. Instead, CBN has mainly gained attention as a potential sleep aid, with CBN oil, CBN gummies, CBN capsules, and other CBN products rapidly becoming popular online.

These days, people use CBN for various sleep disorders, and scientific evidence is starting to accumulate that will eventually tell us whether CBN can truly induce sleep or not. In the meantime, we can discuss the products that are available and provide an idea of the best dose of CBN to try for sleep.

CBN Dosage vs. CBD Dosage

There’s still a lot to learn about CBN, but one fact is clear: People who use this cannabinoid say they need less of it to fall asleep than CBD. As a result, there’s a considerable difference between the right CBD dosage for sleep compared to the equivalent ideal dose of CBN.

As a general rule, we’ve found that users report CBN to be roughly twice as effective as CBD at offering improved sleep. Anecdotal testimony is insufficient evidence to make any hard claims, but it’s certainly possible to observe trends in dosing and craft CBN products accordingly.

How Much CBN Is Good for Sleep?

Due to a lack of scientific evidence, it is difficult to estimate an ideal dose of CBN for sleep based solely on peer-reviewed research. Existing studies do not provide any clear data, and proposed studies into CBN dosing have yet to be published.

As a result, the best approach is to provide CBN in various doses, allowing shoppers to use their own discretion when choosing the right CBN dose. The more that users try CBN, the more popular this cannabinoid will become, adding weight to the urgency of the robust clinical studies necessary to definitively establish the best CBN dose for sleep.

How Much CBN and CBD Should I Take for Sleep?

Depending on your needs, a few different combined doses of CBD and CBN might be worth considering as you find an ideal CBN dosage for sleep. People who are new to CBN may want to start with a low-dose option. Experienced users often appreciate a medium dose of CBN, and high doses of this cannabinoid are appropriate for users who are very familiar with CBN and are ready for the next level.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at the low, medium, and high-dose CBN + CBD tincture options available from Colorado Botanicals:

Low dose: Colorado Botanicals 450mg CBN + CBD Oil

This 450mg CBN + CBD oil tincture contains 300mg CBD and 150mg CBN suspended in 1 fluid ounce of organic MCT oil. We have found that this higher ratio of CBD to CBN offers the best results, and this low-dose tincture is ideal for individuals who usually use low doses of cannabinoids or are unfamiliar with the combined effects of CBN and CBD.

Medium dose: Colorado Botanicals 1,050mg CBN + CBD Oil

For those who are ready for a higher dose of CBN and CBD, this 1050mg CBN + CBD oil tincture contains more than twice the cannabinoids as our low-dose option. Containing 750mg CBD and 300mg CBN, this tincture has a higher ratio of CBD to CBN since we have found that smaller amounts of CBN are more effective than equivalent doses of CBD.

High dose: Colorado Botanicals 1,800mg CBN + CBD Oil

This extra-strength 1800mg CBN + CBD Oil tincture offers the highest doses of cannabinoids available in the Colorado Botanicals CBN oil catalog. If you’re already familiar with the benefits of both CBN and CBD, you might want to give this maximum-potency option a try.

What Is the Best CBN Dosage for Daytime?

CBN may be known best for its reported ability to put you to sleep at night, but this cannabinoid might also be beneficial during the day due to its potential usefulness as an analgesic agent. If you want to use CBN without feeling too sleepy, we’ll direct you to the Colorado Botanicals Calm line, which blends CBD with small doses of CBN and CBDV to fully capture the soothing side of the entourage effect.

At 15, 30, or 45mg per 1fl oz bottle, there isn’t enough CBN in Calm tinctures to have much of a hypnotic effect. These small concentrations of CBN have a significant impact on the entourage effect, however, boosting and augmenting the effects of CBD to be as soothing as possible.

CBN Dosing Tips

What’s the best approach to finding the right dose of CBN? Follow these simple tips to make sure you’re on the right track:

1. Start small

When you’re getting used to a new cannabinoid, it can be useful to start with the smallest dose possible. Select our low-dose CBN oil tincture, and consider only taking a few drops the first time. From there, slowly increase the amount of CBN you take per dose as desired.

2. Dose before bed

Remember to take CBN before bed to observe its effects best. You don’t need to wait until right before you fall asleep. The best time to take your CBN oil is around 20 minutes before you turn off the light.

3. Keep it up

It can take a while for cannabinoids to take effect due to their gentle, natural biochemistry. Even if CBN does not provide the desired effects at first, continue taking it for a few weeks as long as no negative symptoms occur.

CBN Dosage Calculator

Are you looking for a CBN dosage chart or curious how to tell precisely how much CBN is in each serving of tincture you take? Use our calculator below to determine the exact dose of CBN that is present in your CBN tincture down to the number of milligrams in each serving:

Frequently Asked Questions About CBN Dosing

There’s still plenty to learn about choosing the right CBN dose. Deepen your knowledge in the FAQ section below:

Can you overdose on CBN?

No, it does not appear possible to overdose on CBN under the most reasonable circumstances. Unlike other substances, including many synthetic drugs, cannabinoids are not particularly toxic and can usually be tolerated even in very high concentrations. Even water can be toxic at high enough volumes of intake, however, and a very small number of people suffer from a condition called cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS), an allergic reaction to cannabinoids.

Is 10mg of CBN too much?

A dose of 10mg CBN should not be too much for an experienced user, but it could provide strong effects for someone who has not used this cannabinoid before. Even so, CBN remains non-intoxicating at all doses, and there does not appear to be any particular danger of overdose with this cannabinoid.

What happens if you take too much CBN?

If you take more CBN than you should, the worst that will likely happen is that you might feel a bit too sleepy. Once you wake up, though, you should feel clear and refreshed without any “hangover” or other uncomfortable feelings.

Can CBN make you groggy in the morning?

No, CBN is not commonly known to cause grogginess the morning after it is used, making this natural cannabinoid very different from many other substances used to help with sleep. In fact, this lack of grogginess s one of the aspects of CBN that has made it so popular as a sleep aid.