Just like any food, CBD oil can expire – especially considering the perishable ingredients. And – again, like any food, how can you tell if CBD oil has gone bad? Are expired CBD gummies safe?

Does CBD Oil Expire?

Yes, CBD oil expires, but the answer isn’t as clear-cut as we might think. While the carrier oil and others can go bad, the exact expiry date for cannabis flower – the raw source of CBD oil – is unknown. A good rule of thumb (for safety) is one year.

However, if dried, cured, and stored properly, cannabis flower can last almost indefinitely. We’ll get into proper storage later.

Although the shelf life of dried flower from hemp and other cannabis cultivars is unclear, the signs of expired cannabis are anything but subtle. Bacteria and mold can build up, eventually contaminating a particular batch. Hopefully, third-party lab tests will detect this to protect consumers, but it doesn’t offset the massive financial losses for vendors and manufacturers.

Signs of Expired CBD Flower

Producers have the expertise and equipment to prevent contamination from bad hemp flower. But if you decide to make your own CBD oil with hemp buds, inspect them carefully for the following signs:

  • Mold (white, crystalline spots outside and inside the dry herb)
  • Sweet, rancid odor (some compare it to a dingy basement)
  • Loss of aroma
  • Discoloration (cannabis flower gets brown as cannabinoids break down)
  • Harsh taste

Do CBD Gummies Expire?

Yes, CBD gummies expire. But considering the ingredients (and how they vary), it’s hard to slap a precise expiration date on the product label.

For example, the typical shelf life of gelatin-based gummies is about 12-18 months.

However, since food companies often place expiration dates earlier than expected, the gummies and other ingredients could keep for a while longer. Some sources claim CBD gummies can sit for up to two years.

However, gelatin isn’t vegan-friendly, so many CBD companies use pectin. Fortunately, pectin is more resilient. According to Kansas State University, signs of expired pectin appear during the manufacturing process, warning producers and do-it-yourselfers if there’s a problem before they waste time and hemp extract.

Pectin beyond its expiration date won’t reach the desired consistency to make gummies. In other words, if your pectin gummies are intact, then the base ingredient won’t cause problems. If you notice the gummies losing consistency,

But gelatin and pectin are carriers. There are still other compounds and ingredients to consider. Some gummies are synthetic, others are all-natural, while other options fall in between.

Assuming you purchase high quality CBD gummies, the artificial components should be minimal, if they exist at all.

Other things you’ll find in chewable high-quality products include:

  • Natural or artificial flavor
  • Sugar
  • Hemp CBD extract
  • Carrier oil (hemp oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, olive oil)
  • Fruit juice
  • Citric acid
  • Malic acid
  • Additional cannabis compounds (full-spectrum CBD and broad-spectrum CBD)

All of these other ingredients eventually go bad. Mold or bacteria are the primary concern with expired CBD oil products. However, other expired ingredients may affect flavor and consistency, making the CBD gummies unpalatable.

What Happens If You Eat Expired CBD Gummies?

If your bottle of CBD gummy products is past its expiration date, it’s ideal to avoid them altogether. However, mistakes happen.

But don’t worry. Eating old CBD gummies isn’t necessarily going to make you sick – let alone require medical attention. You may notice some digestive issues or pass the gummies without a hitch.

Signs of Expired CBD Gummies

The CBD Gummies Lose Potency

CBD oil expires, especially when stored improperly. Once the CBD oil shelf life passes, the infused CBD product will become less effective.

Consequently, any potential health benefits become muted or nonexistent.

The CBD Products Taste Different

Since flavoring agents exist in CBD gummies, they naturally become less effective past their expiration dates. If your CBD product tastes notably different or unpleasant, chances are the flavors have gone bad.

Change in Texture

Gummies use either gelatin or pectin to bind the formulas together.

Gelatin feels chewy. If you’ve ever eaten old gummy bears, you’ll know that these products harden over a long period of time. When the gelatin-based hemp products become harder to chew, they’re likely past their prime.

Pectin has a very different texture from gelatin. While gelatin gets progressively harder, pectin – which already has a soft, melty consistency – falls apart. When pectin-based hemp oil products lose their shapes and textures, it’s time to throw the gummies away.


Expired CBD gummies may change color over time. Take note of any strange discoloration. If the product looks different, it’s best to avoid it.

What To Do If You Have Expired CBD Gummies

You should never eat expired CBD gummies. Like any food, conventional wisdom applies. Check the expiration date, and look for changes in color, aroma, or texture.

If you suspect your CBD product is expired, get rid of it. Even if you’re unsure, it’s infinitely better to be safe than sorry.

Take care to dispose of them properly, keeping them away from children and pets.

Why You Should Never Take Expired CBD Gummies

CBD gummies and conventional may seem innocuous, but they shouldn’t be consumed after they expire. Always ensure you use fresh CBD oil extract products.

You Can Become Severely Ill

It’s unlikely that expired CBD oil or CBD gummies will trigger a visit to the doctor. However, certain harmful bacteria found in spoiled food could trigger serious medical conditions, like severe food poisoning.

Immediately seek medical attention if you notice symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, or fever.

Degraded Quality

Flavor, consistency, potency, and color all take a nose-dive when your bottle of CBD gummies exceeds its expiration date.

As the gummies degrade, so does the overall experience. In other words, eating expired CBD gummies is risky and pointless.

How to Store CBD Edibles Properly

Improper storage is the number one reason CBD gummies prematurely expire.

CBD and other cannabinoids break down on their own. However, certain environmental factors speed this up.

Take the following steps to preserve your CBD gummies.

Use an Airtight Container

Exposure to open air degrades cannabinoids. Storing your CBD gummies in an airtight container protects them from the damaging effects of open air.

Keep CBD Away from Heat

Heat is another enemy of cannabis compounds. It’s a necessary component to make inert CBDa into active CBD. However, the process – known as “decarboxylation” – can happen over time when improperly stored.

Eventually, excess heat degrades the cannabinoids until they’re barely present.

To avoid heat degradation, keep your gummies sealed in a dark cabinet or other location where light won’t generate heat.

Avoid Light

Speaking of light, protecting your gummies from direct sunlight is important. Again, store your CBD gummies in a dark place.

Also, ensure that the product is stored in an opaque container, affording protection if a dark area isn’t available.

All light can damage

No Moisture

CBD oil and other cannabinoid products don’t like moisture. This can be one of the most dangerous problems, as it creates a perfect environment for harmful bacteria or mold.

If you notice strange spots or growths, the CBD oil hemp extract has certainly gone bad, spoiling your gummy product.

While any of the above measures are useful, combining them is the most effective way of keeping CBD oil infused gummies fresh.

Can You Get Sick from Taking Expired CBD Gummies?

Yes, you can get sick if you eat expired CBD gummies. Again, exposure to air, heat, light, moisture, can make CBD oil products expire quickly. But everything has an expiration date.

One way or another, every CBD gummy product has a limited shelf life. Chances are, however, that you’ll notice expired CBD gummies when you see, smell, feel, or taste them.

Where To Buy the Best CBD Gummies?

The best place to buy the best CBD gummies is from a reputable vendor specializing in cannabinoid supplements.

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The company’s original 10 mg CBD gummies offer an effective dose of CBD. Intended as a supplement for general wellness, each of the 30 gummies carries 10 mg of broad-spectrum CBD goodness.

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25 mg CBD Gummies

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Conclusion: Are Expired CBD Gummies Safe to Take?

We don’t recommend anyone to eat expired CBD gummies – or any spoiled food product. At best, the gummies will look, smell, feel, or taste terrible.

In rare cases, you might fall seriously ill if you eat expired CBD gummies. With this in mind, it’s best practice to carefully check the expiration date and look for any signs of spoilage.