Does CBD oil expire? In short, the answer is yes. If the question is “will my CBD oil go bad” the answer is a bit more complicated. CBD oil or a similar product made via CO2 or Ethanol extraction has a shelf life of 12 months to 18 months on how you use and store CBD products. Despite the one to two years before the oil goes bad, these products will eventually degrade and expire. 

However, you can extend the shelf life and expiration date by taking preventive measures and purchasing high-quality or brand-name CBD products.Checking to see if CBD has expired or gone bad

Does CBD Oil Expire According to the FDA?

Since CBD is still largely underregulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), many people unsuspectingly buy a bottle of CBD from less than trustworthy merchants. While CBD is intended to help provide relief for various medical conditions, using CBD products past the expiration date can make you sick. In light of this, it is always a good idea to research the vendors or merchants you purchase CBD products and oil from.[1]

Most of the time, reputable brands stand behind their products so, you can expect good-quality CBD. However, if you find unknown suppliers offering CBD at unbelievably low prices? You could be getting a raw deal, CBD about to expire, or nothing but a straight bottle of bunk.

In this article, let’s discover why proper storage is paramount for this type of product. That way, you get all of the benefits from CBD without it going bad.

How to Preserve and Extend the Life of CBD Oil

Once your hands are on a product you trust, there are many things you can do to store CBD properly to extend its shelf life for as long as possible. Typically, 12 months is a good yardstick for how long does CBD oil last. Being careful with each bottle ensures a lifespan of approximately 24 months long.[3

While this time period may not cause: CBD oil to go bad, any CBD oil bottle past this date should be disposed of properly.

Below is a top-four go bad list and CBD tips that may affect its use for going past the 12-month date:

    1. Store your CBD oil at a cool temperature to keep the oils effective for longer. Exposure to heat will break down your oil over time. So, it’s best to keep it in a cool location or your refrigerator, although it is not necessary. Keeping your bottles at room temperature should be more than enough.
    2. Avoid storing in direct sunlight. Sunlight is destructive on these products. Keep CBD oil away from direct sunlight and store it in a dark place like a cupboard.
    3. Use sealed, air-tight containers. Air-tight containers preserve CBD oil and keep it fresh for extended periods of time. Exposure to air can accelerate the expiration date on a bottle of CBD oil.
    4. Avoid keeping it near the stove or oven. To extend the shelf life and make it last longer, heat, light, and other substrates like this affect such products’ use and shelf-life.

The shelf life of CBD Oil can last a very long time. So, keeping it in a cool, dark place at room temperature is always the recommended approach.

What Happens if You Take Expired CBD Oil?

Consuming CBD oil past its expiration date doesn’t generally come with any known side effects. In general, your oil should last from one to two years. However, it’s always recommended to check its expiration date when you buy it. Trusted third-party suppliers provide the reassurance you need.

Small microdoses of old CBD oil are relatively safe and make it last longer. However, consuming large amounts produces some unpleasant reactions, especially if the smell is bad. So, “does CBD Oil expire?” please note that it largely depends on the research you did before purchase.

How Do You know if CBD Oil Has Gone Bad?

When trying to make CBD oil last, it is important to know if it’s gone bad – it’s hard to tell by its smell alone. Depending on the formulation and CBD oil herbal smell? When it goes bad, CBD oil has a rancid smell much like a rotten potato seems how this hemp plant comes from the same vegetative culture.

Here are some other telltale signs your bottle of CBD product went past two years:

  • Its color goes from clear to a dark brown.
  • It loses texture and goes from a thicker stock to a thin one.
  • A foggy coating is visible on the inside of the bottle.

Buying from reputable companies is the safest way to avoid purchasing contaminated CBD oilCan Old CBD Oil Make You Sick?

While CBD oil may produce unpleasant side effects for some people, many find its use beneficial. CBD products can be used to treat and prevent a myriad of conditions. While negative reactions to CBD oil may include nausea or other gastrointestinal reactions, dizziness and vomiting may also occur. 

Small doses of CBD oil won’t harm, but if it stinks, it can be very hard to take. Therefore, it’s best to discard anything that smells this foul. While hemp-based products show promise to prevent any disease currently underway with scientific studies, more research still needs to be conducted to back these discoveries and medical claims.

Does CBD Oil Need to be Refrigerated?

Although CBD oil doesn’t need to be refrigerated, it is best to keep it away from direct heat and sunlight. Storing your hemp products in places such as the refrigerator or cupboard is enough in most cases to keep them from going bad. Keeping CBD oil away from heat absolutely makes it last longer, while cooling methods like refrigeration ensure long service life for CBD products.

Why the Quality of CBD Matters

This begs the question, does CBD oil expire? And while it’s worth noting – not all CBD oils are created equal and come with variables that impact the end product. Since CBD oil has a shelf life slightly different from each other, its ability to diagnose, treat, cure, and provide relief may also be affected.[2] Another key element to how long this product lasts is the impurities. Unnecessary and excessive compounds raise safety concerns and degrade the products.

Some impurities in the extraction method include, but are not limited to:

  • Pesticides
  • Heavy metals
  • Water Soluble
  • Lipids
  • Gums
What quality CBD extract distillate looks like compared to low quality CBD oil extracts

While good impurities result in a higher quality cannabinoid product without excessive compounds, bad impurities often come with a lower terpene profile and little to no therapeutic effect. Therefore, it is vital to buy your product from a reputable vendor, especially when intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent health conditions. Bad impurities tend to degrade the quality of the product.

Pesticide Analysis Lab Report Certificate of Analysis Test on CBD Oil
Lab report profile test on pesticides, which are just one of the few impurities found in CBD extracts that degrade the quality.


Where to Buy Lab Tested Products?

While several vendors and merchants pundits the most robust CBD products on today’s expanding marketplace, many fall short of such expansive claims. To ensure third-party analytical testing and the best brand name cannabidiol products? It is imperative to go with a trusted source such as Colorado Botanicals, where cutting-edge manufacturing and consumer safety standards are held to the highest of industry standards.