10mg Broad Spectrum CBD Softgels

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Our 300mg tincture, which is great for starters, is enclosed in vegan softgels.
  • 60-Day Free Returns – Purchase with confidence
  • Vegan Softgels – Faster absorption in the stomach, thus higher bioavailability than gelatin softgels or capsules.
  • Broad Spectrum – Contains other essential cannabinoids, terpenes, & flavonoids.
  • Clean & Solvent Free CO2 Extracted
  • Extracted from Organically Grown Colorado Hemp
  • THC-Free – Experience CBD with no high whatsoever.


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Product Overview

We’ve made ingesting the oil with a more desirable taste. Enclosed in the vegan softgels is our 300mg tincture (10mg CBD per 1mL), which is great for starters or people with light to mild cases. This specific product contains 10mg of CBD per softgel with a total of 30 vegan softgels in the bottle, equivalent to our 300mg CBD Oil tincture.

Our new vegan softgels feature Gelatin-free manufacturing using exclusively plant-based materials. Softgels are easier to swallow, Hemp odor- and taste-free, and speeds up the rate of CBD absorption. Because of our unique manufacturing process and plant-based materials, these softgels also hold up better in humid conditions as they are hygroscopic. 

Suggested Use

Take 1-2 softgels daily, preferably with a meal & take it consistently every day to see long term results.

Shipping and Returns

We stand by our products 100%, so we offer a 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee so you can purchase confidently. We charge a small fee for orders under $74 and offer free shipping on orders over $74. You may also select priority shipping or overnight shipping for an added cost.


MCT Oil (Contains Coconut) & Broad Spectrum CBD Extract

CBD Per Serving


Total CBD






Enjoy our products with no high whatsoever. Feel better while keeping a clear mind.

Whole Plant Benefits

Whole Plant Benefits

Clean, pure safe, and completely free of any toxic residue extraction method.

CO2 Extracted

CO2 Extracted

Maximize wellness by introducing all parts of the plant than just CBD alone.



Feel better, get better with naturally derived terpenes intact.

More than just CBD

People are only aware of Cannabidiol (CBD), but they don’t know the hundreds of other compounds found in hemp. To this day, scientists have found 113 cannabinoids and 200+ terpenes & flavonoids which share unique properties like CBD.

How it Works

Studies show that CBD and the other beneficial compounds interact with the Endocannabinoid System, a system in our body that regulates various responses such as memory, pain, mood, sleep, immune function, & more.

More is Better

Studies found that a combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, & flavonoids is much more effective. They increased receptor activity when working synergically compared to CBD alone or a lower quality extract with fewer of these compounds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Vegan Softgels and Gelatin Softgels?

The most glaring difference between gelatin and vegan softgels is that the former uses animal collagen, while vegan ones use plant cellulose. Our vegan capsules suit the ethical and dietary needs of vegans and vegetarians.

However, there’s a practical reason to choose vegan over gelatin. Vegan pills absorb more quickly in the stomach, substantially increasing bioavailability compared to gelatin.

How long does it take for Vegan CBD Softgels to work?

CBD softgels have to pass through the liver, which can take time. Typically, expect to wait 30 to 45 minutes before you notice anything. 

How many 10mg CBD Softgels should I take?

Since this is a low dose, we recommend taking a minimum of one CBD softgel per day – consistency is key to seeing the best results.

Before increasing your dose, take one CBD softgel for at least the first 5-7 days, and if needed, increase your dose to two CBD softgels per day. You may increase your dose again after several days if you feel you haven’t found your “sweet spot,” but at that point, it’s smarter to purchase our 25mg CBD softgels.

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