CBD for Allergies: Does it Help? Benefits, Dosage, & Side Effects

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), roughly 50 million Americans experience allergies each year. Perhaps even more surprising is that allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic illness. With that in mind, is it at all surprising that the pharmaceutical industry makes a killing through prescription and over-the-counter allergy medications? […]

CBD Oil Side Effects on Kidneys: What Studies Found

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) and kidney injury are two significant threats to renal function. Depending on the cause, kidney health issues can – at best – affect your quality of life and – at worst – be fatal. Conventional treatments have existed for quite a while, and some are very effective. Unfortunately, the potential adverse […]

Can You Take CBD Oil On a Plane? Flying with CBD

Hemp-derived CBD oil hasn’t been illegal under federal law since 2018, so it’s perfectly reasonable to assume you can take CBD oil on a plane. People flying with CBD occur every day. However, not so fast. There’s a lot to unpack (no pun intended) before you try to fly with CBD. What’s seemingly innocuous in […]

Is CBD Oil Addictive?

Is CBD addictive? Today, the answer to that question is clear, but it’s still a serious concern for some aspiring CBD users. The potential addictiveness of CBD products boils down to guilt by association. We connect cannabis with THC, which, for the longest time, was treated with the same disdain as heroin or meth. But […]

Does CBD Smell Like Weed? CBD Oil Smell For Beginners

When it comes to smells, there are few things that divide people more than the distinct scent of cannabis. Some love it, while others don’t – and that’s perfectly fair. But after being on the market for some time, millions are familiar – and seemingly fine – with the hemp oil smell. Does CBD smell […]

CBD and Pregnancy: Can You Use CBD While Pregnant?

CBD and pregnancy appear to be a perfect match. The endless pain, nausea, stress, and irritability of pregnancy are just a few obstacles women face during their nine-month journey. Given that CBD potentially treats all of the above symptoms, it’s unsurprising that many women use CBD while pregnant. But is CBD safe? Everything has risks […]

CBD and Caffeine: The Benefits of CBD Coffee

According to the Chicago Tribune, coffee is prevalent among Americans. Roughly 80% of Americans drink it – although the source doesn’t specify which are regular, semi-regular, or occasional consumers. Many people swear by the potential energizing benefits of CBD, so it naturally looks like an excellent addition to your morning pick-me-up. But what happens when […]

CBD and Asthma: Does CBD Oil Help People with Asthma?

CBD may help with asthma, but the evidence we have is less than ideal, to say the least. But that doesn’t change the fact that asthma continues to affect millions of people in the U.S. Conventional treatments are available, with different degrees of success. However, not everyone reacts well and might want an alternative option. […]