Are Expired CBD Gummies Safe to Take?

Just like any food, CBD oil can expire – especially considering the perishable ingredients. And – again, like any food, how can you tell if CBD oil has gone bad? Are expired CBD gummies safe? Does CBD Oil Expire? Yes, CBD oil expires, but the answer isn’t as clear-cut as we might think. While the […]

10 CBD Myths Debunked by Industry Experts

In the years since it first appeared online, CBD has taken on nearly legendary status. Stigma against CBD may have all but disappeared, but some of the silly misconceptions from that time are still at large. What’s true about the cannabinoid, and which things you’ve heard about CBD might be all made up? In this […]

7 Benefits of High-Potency CBD Oil

High-potency CBD is arguably the best choice for heavy consumers. Still, these products have benefits that all health enthusiasts can enjoy. When CBD started gaining traction in the 2010s, it was a shell of what we have today regarding quality and concentration. But vendors offer high-potency CBD with unprecedented purity and efficacy thanks to new […]

Does CBD Lower Blood Pressure? This Is What Studies Found

CBD’s increasingly broad applications have made it a go-to natural supplement for various symptoms. While the evidence doesn’t fully support many health claims, CBD’s vasodilatory effects are well-documented. Adequate blood pressure medications exist, but any medicine has risks associated with long-term use. In many cases, people with high blood pressure don’t tolerate the drugs or […]

Does CBD Make You Hungry? CBD vs. THC Munchies

Cannabis plants have been a medicinal staple for thousands of years – long before human research uncovered the body’s endocannabinoid system. A seeming jack-of-all-trades, the over 100 known cannabinoids and 400 terpenes discovered in cannabis reportedly relieve a broad range of symptoms. The unique ability of Cannabis sativa L. to induce a ravenous appetite is […]

What Does CBD Look Like? See What’s Inside Your CBD Oil

CBD hemp flower is a remarkable product. You get many cannabis plant health benefits without the psychoactive effects of “marijuana.” But while we’ve spent a lot of time discussing CBD’s potential therapeutic applications, CBD’s physical appearance somewhat lacks representation. Odds are you’ve purchased CBD products like CBD oil or vape carts and noticed the concentrates’ […]

CBD and MCT Oil: Why CBD Oils Contain MCT Oil

There are dozens of different ways to make CBD oil, but only a few ingredients are worthy of standing beside CBD-rich hemp extract. MCT oil is among the substances it’s acceptable to find in CBD tinctures, and this even-healthier form of coconut oil has lots of its own impressive benefits. Find out what MCT is, […]

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat? CBD Gummy Dosing

Hemp CBD edibles are easily some of the best supplement products. Consumers get their daily dose of CBD in a convenient, discreet, and delicious package. But while we all may be eager to avoid the irritation or smoking, “hempy”-tasting oil, or bland capsules, we don’t have enough information on the dosage for any of these […]