9 Benefits of CBD Massage Oil & Where to Buy

CBD isn’t just for taking orally. You can also apply CBD to your skin, and CBD massage oil is one of the best ways to experience the cannabinoid’s topical benefits. In this guide, learn what CBD massage therapy is and find out where to buy the best topical CBD oil for pain relief and massage […]

CBD for Dogs with Arthritis: What Scientific Studies Say

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What is THC-Free CBD Products and What to Look For

CBD products have evolved considerably in recent years. Continuing to replace older THC-containing products are THC-free CBD options, which — in some cases — offer all the benefits of full-spectrum CBD but without one of its most considerable downsides. What does it mean, though, for a CBD product to be THC-free, and what are the […]

Can CBD Help a Dog with Separation Anxiety?

Is your dog acting out with destructive behavior when the two of you are separated? Dogs cope with anxiety differently than humans, but certain compounds in the cannabis plant can help both species in surprisingly similar ways. In this guide, learn what separation anxiety is in dogs and find out if dog owners should try […]

Where to Buy CBD Gummies Guide & Tips

We’ve all been there. The search for CBD gummies begins with keywords like “where to buy CBD gummies near me” and “CBD gummies near me for sale,” quickly leading to more questions than answers. This guide is where you’ll find the answers you need whenever you start searching for “CBD gummies near us.” It’s true […]

Why Is CBD So Expensive? 10 Reasons Why

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Are Expired CBD Gummies Safe to Take?

Just like any food, CBD oil can expire – especially considering the perishable ingredients. And – again, like any food, how can you tell if CBD oil has gone bad? Are expired CBD gummies safe? Does CBD Oil Expire? Yes, CBD oil expires, but the answer isn’t as clear-cut as we might think. While the […]

10 CBD Myths Debunked by Industry Experts

In the years since it first appeared online, CBD has taken on nearly legendary status. Stigma against CBD may have all but disappeared, but some of the silly misconceptions from that time are still at large. What’s true about the cannabinoid, and which things you’ve heard about CBD might be all made up? In this […]