When your furry friend gets sick, it’s only natural to seek safe, natural solutions that might help your dog feel better. As we’ve learned over the years, cannabidiol (CBD) oil has a wide variety of impressive benefits, so it’s only natural for pet owners to wonder if CBD for dogs might be an effective cancer treatment. While the effects of CBD are still far from fully researched, anecdotal evidence and scientific studies indicate that it’s certainly worthwhile to investigate the potential benefits of CBD for dogs with cancer.

Can CBD Oil Kill Cancer in Dogs?

According to a 2017 World Health Organization (WHO) report, CBD appears to be safe for dogs. Whether or not CBD products can really help with canine cancer, you shouldn’t be afraid to give your dog CBD. In humans, dogs, and other living beings with endocannabinoid systems, CBD has been shown to be safe and non-intoxicating, and a large number of studies show that using CBD oil could help with a variety of different conditions.

For instance, CBD has been thoroughly investigated for its potential anti-inflammatory properties. As a function of the immune system, inflammation can be useful, but chronic inflammation can contribute to the development of many diseases including cancer.

CBD has also been investigated directly for its potential cancer benefits. For example, researchers have studied cannabidiol’s potential to slow tumor growth, and they have also sought to discover whether CBD might enhance the effects of mainstream anti-tumor medications. Studies have been conducted to determine if CBD oil treatment leads to higher survival rates in animals, and researchers have also looked into the potential chemopreventive properties of CBD.

Perhaps most importantly, the endocannabinoid system appears to play a role in how cancer progresses in humans and dogs alike. As a highly complex regulatory system, the endocannabinoid system manages both body-generated cannabinoids (endocannabinoids) like anandamide and plant-generated cannabinoids (phytocannabinoids) like cannabidiol to balance critical processes like mood, metabolism, and digestion.

Recent research indicates that the endocannabinoid system may even play a key role in regulating the signaling pathways used in tumor formation and growth. Since CBD appears to significantly alter the functioning of the endocannabinoid system, it’s clearly worthwhile to research the potential anti-cancer properties of this cannabinoid in more detail.

Can CBD Oil Help Dogs with Brain Tumors?

Together, mast cell tumors and brain tumors are some of the most common types of cancer that affect dogs. As a result, it’s natural for dog owners to wonder if CBD can help with brain tumors in addition to other types of cancer.

While giving your dog CBD oil should never be a substitute for mainline cancer treatments, research into the benefits of full-spectrum CBD oil for brain tumors shouldn’t be overlooked. As we mentioned above, research has been conducted to determine whether CBD slows the growth of cancer cells, but it’s too soon to say whether this cannabinoid can truly defeat canine brain tumors.

What is the Best Pain Medication for Dogs with Cancer?

The side effects of cancer medications can be severe. Even drugs that aren’t designed to target the symptoms of cancer, such as pain management medications, can hurt your dog almost as much as cancer itself.

Pet parents are, therefore, on the lookout for pain relief solutions that are safe for dogs, and CBD has been thoroughly researched for its pain-relief and anti-inflammatory properties. Even though you’re now familiar with the impressive benefits of this cannabinoid, you might have some lingering questions regarding how to give dogs CBD:

How Much CBD Should I Give My Dog?

CBD dosing for pets is based on the weight of the dog or cat. For small dogs, we recommend giving them a about 5-6.5mg of CBD, for dogs weighing 25-75 pounds we recommend giving them 10-12.5mg of CBD, & for dogs weighing more than 75 pounds, we recommend giving around 20-25mg of CBD.

The image that you see below is a visual of how much CBD to give your dog if you were to use our CBD oil for dogs tincture which contains 750mg of CBD in the whole bottle.

CBD for pets dosing guide is based off pets weight and CBD tolerence

What is the Best Way to give CBD to Dogs?

When providing your canine companion with the benefits of this cannabinoid, you may want to administer CBD in the form of hemp-infused dog treats or CBD oils. Pretty much any type of CBD product would work as long as it’s from a reputable company that has high standards like Colorado Botanicals.

How Do I Find High-Quality CBD oil for Dogs?

High-quality CBD products for dogs come with third-party lab reports and feature safe, non-toxic ingredients. Ask your veterinarian if you aren’t sure which CBD product is right for your dog.

Should I Give My Dog CBD Oil for Cancer?

Let’s take a moment to summarize what we’ve covered:

• CBD oil does not appear to cause any significant side effects in dogs or in humans
• Research has been conducted to determine if CBD may help with inflammation, which can contribute to cancer symptoms
• Researchers have looked into the potential chemopreventive and anti-tumor effects of CBD
• Research into the endocannabinoid system, which is modulated by CBD, indicates that this regulatory system may have an impact on cancer

Whether or not CBD ends up being proven an effective treatment for cancer, this substance appears to be safe for dogs, and it has a variety of impressive benefits. If you’re concerned for your furry friend and you want to give your dog the best quality of life possible, find out for yourself if CBD can help dogs with cancer by trying this non-intoxicating cannabinoid today.